How Mint Tea Can Help with a Stomach Ache

When a person has a stomach ache they are looking for fast relief. ,mint tea for stomach ache can help ease the pain in no time. It is also safe and effective at treating stomach pain.
Mint contains the essential oil menthol which can help smooth the muscles in the digestive track. Mint will help soothe nerves in the body including those in the stomach. This can also help reduce cramping and will help with other conditions that cause pain including indigestion, heartburn, gas, and the feeling of being bloated.
According to a study conducted by the Journal of Gastroenterology scientists have found that people that drank mint tea has a 40 percent reduction in pain in the stomach and a 50 percent reduction in bloating then people that did not drink this tea.
Mint tea is more than just a tea with some flavor. This tea can help ease stomach trouble and pain.